What to Blog About

What to Blog About

These days, blogging has reached a certain status of popularity. Readers are beginning to have a high regard for people who blog. Blogs are not only about making money, or expressing your opinions and thoughts. However, some blogs experience challenges. The problem is often due to the cluttered way in which the blog is presented. This, in turn, is often the result of not knowing what to blog about.

As a blogger yourself, you can avoid these challenges. If you are interested in making sure that your blog is not ignored online, you need to know what to blog about. But how do you do that? Here are some factors to consider in selecting which topics you can blog about.

Create a Checklist

Generally speaking, you can write about anything that you are interested in. But, in order to choose a good topic, you may ask the following questions:

  • Would random people be interested in my topics?
  • Is this a topic that I am personally interested in?
  • Am I knowledgeable about the topic?
  • If I have limited knowledge about the topic, would I be willing to learn more about it?
  • Would this topic interest my friends if this becomes included in our face to face conversations?

If the answer to the questions is ‘yes’, then the topic you have chosen is something that can be blogged.


How to Select a Topic?

You cannot just randomly select a topic and write about it. People should be interested in it too. To know which topics interests people the most, here are some ways to find out:

Yahoo! Answers

This online place is where people post their questions and search for answers from different readers. Once you find out which topics are trending, you can create a blog about it. Most likely, people will find your blog interesting if it answers most of their questions.

Social Networks – Google+, Twitter, Facebook

These days, the use of hashtag helps bloggers in identifying which topics are trending in various social media sites. Writing about such trending topics will surely generate a huge audience coming from people who are looking for answers to their inquiries. Make your blog attractive, and people will visit your site again and again.

Alexa What’s Hot

This company tracks information about different websites. It provides information on demographics, such as the site traffic, visitors, etc. They also track which topics are searched the most by using their installed toolbar. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing those topics, you can take advantage of this program and use it to your advantage.

Now that you already have some ideas on which topics to write about, get your groove started! Sit down, decide on which topic to write about first, research about it, and formulate your blog. After you finish, wait and see the results of your efforts. You will be amazed to see that all your hard work will be paid off as soon as you see visitors entering your site and reading your blogs.