Some Quality Australian Blogs

Some Quality Australian Blogs

When it comes to the world of blogging, Australia is never short of high quality blogs. As a matter of fact, the year 2013 has marked the recognition of Australia’s top quality blog sites. Among those blog sites are the following:

Cook Republic – Sneh Roy

Roy achieved the highest award during recent competition (Best Australian Blogs) for her blog, Cook Republic. This cooking blog did not only capture people’s attention due to the recipes in it, but it also provided an amazing example of professionalism; something that everybody in the blogging world really admired.

Home I Own – Chris Lang

Chris Lang bagged the award as the ‘People’s Choice’. It stood out with its amazing 1,468 votes coming from enthusiasts and avid readers of his blog. Being the choice of the general public is an indication of the popularity of the blog.

AusVotes 2013 – Paula Matthewson

AusVotes2013 is a site which provides a substantial amount of political analysis which fits the taste of the common people. It presents reality and opinions about the economy and politics in a very open way.

Reservoir Dad – Cling Greagen

This website is a personal/parenting website that presents life as a parent in a very interesting way, from the point of view of a father.

Read in a Single Sitting – Stephanie Campisi

Stephanie Campisi showcases her words and writing skills with this blog. It provides reviews for books, updates, and all other issues about literature, whether it is for books, or other types of literary sources. It is perfect for lovers of reading in Australia.


ABN herBusiness – Suzi Dafnis

This is a business site which outstood the other 83 competitors under the same category. This interesting blog takes a different perspective of business; this time, it comes from the viewpoint of a woman, for women. It highlights the role played by women in contributing to the success of organizations and industries.

Hello May – Sophie Lord

As the site logo claims, this site is a ‘new kind of bridal blog’. Because of its outstanding features and nice photography, it captured the heart of the people and eventually winning the award for the outstanding new blog of the year.

Advocacy on Domestic Violence – Livonne Larkins

This blog was posted with the advocacy of promoting women’s wellness and safety in mind. It provides readers to share in their thoughts. As seen in the long threads available in the site, it is easy to conclude of the popularity of this blog.

Humorous Post – Ben Pobjie

Australia has decided and chosen Ben Pobjie’s amazing piece as the year’s outstanding humorous post. In this piece, he decided to announce his interest in running as Prime Minister. Of course, it has attracted the attention of many. However, this site is just what it is – a humorous post.

Travel and Food Photography – Christina Soong – Kroeger

A lot of individuals really appreciated the efforts put forth by Kroeger in her website. Most of the posts are about her travels, where she got to enjoy local foods and bask into a picture perfect haven. The blog now serves as a guide for people are also interested in the same passion.