Best Property Blogs in Australia

Best Property Blogs in Australia

It has only been some years ago when blogging entered the Land down Under. Years later, blogging has taken the center stage, representing various industries in the country. This is something which is not to be shocked about. Blogs have played a very important role in the promotion of products, services, as well as organizations.

The following are the best property blogs in Australia:

Leith Van Onselen (

This website talks about the Australian Economy, as a whole. However, it also has posts on the economic condition of the other countries, searching for some connections and relationships on the economic stability of those countries on the economy of Australia.

The blog is actually a site where various bloggers meet. The bloggers contribute their articles to the site, focusing on the topic of economy. Leith Van Onselen is one of the site’s bloggers who have contributed his own blogs for the information and enjoyment of the readers.

As the page claims, the site offers a no nonsense analysis, not just of the Australian economy, but the global side, as well. As a result, readers can have access on the economy’s effects on their businesses and assets.

Tim Lawless ( is the country’s top provider of property information. This blog is maintained by the research director of the site, Tim Lawless. Together with his partner, Cameron Cusher, they deal with information regarding economic and demographic trends in the economy all over Australia.

In the site, readers are given access to various information and analysis of the industry. As a result, site visitors will not only learn about what’s happening in the country, but also relate how those events will significantly affect their personal lives. Readers are also given the opportunity to subscribe to the latest information posted in the site.

Thomas Roberts (

The company provides a useful service that helps sellers compare agents. Their blog generally talks about property information and the latest trends in the property market. As a matter of fact, what makes this site outstanding is the existence of its Australian Property Market Dashboard, a program which provides a weekly snapshot of the Australian property market.

It also includes certain barometers and price trends for the major cities in Australia, including a summary on the property indicators that helps readers in determining the right time to buy, hold and sell their properties.


Robert Simeon (

RWM commits in providing superior service to purchasers and vendors. This is also a reputable site in the eyes of buyers, as they continually strive to provide only accurate property information. They also offer qualified advice as experts in the field.

A popular service offered by the site is called Suburb Reports. The reports seen here are best for people who are expecting statistical information regarding a specific suburb that they are interested in doing business in.

Chris Lang (

As the logo of the site says, real estate is made easy by this property information website. This generally helps buyers to learn the best and new strategies in deciding before purchasing a new home. As a matter of fact, they also offer a home buyer guide for free!

This site also provides information on the latest auction results from the Australian Property Monitors, a major property data provider. This serves as a guide among many potential home and property buyers.